What is Obama care going to cost you ?

1 Oct

Now that Obama care has passed the supreme court who is going to pay for thirty million new formerly uninsured customers ? According to business insider it is the wealthest Americans who may shoulder the load. Tanning services may also become more expensive, unless prescribed by a doctor, because the ten percent tax increase may not be going away soon.

 When Obama care takes effect it will mark a huge jump in the amount of power held by the federal government. The anti-federalist  would take issue with this incredible jump. To the antifederalists this would be as bad as congress holding the power to tax. They would feel only a monarch could tell the people what they must and must not have. The anti-federalist would also have a problem with the penalty for not having cover in the form of a tax, mostly because they believed the national government shouldn’t even have the power to tax. The Federalist may not have a had a problem with this because they believed the national government needs to take  steps in order to protect it’s citizens. They would feel this helps the citizens because it helps provide health care coverage for all and you cannot be dropped.

Obama care was an incredible jump in national power. One that would see Federalist jump for joy and anti-federalist cring. Mr. Bell if this topic is too old let me know and I’ll redo it,  also here is the url http://www.businessinsider.com/what-obamas-affordable-care-act-will-cost-consumers-2012-6


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